Resolve a Car Key Crisis Anytime

Being locked out of your car is no laughing matter. Keys have a way of going missing at the most inopportune of times – on the way to work or an important meeting; picking up the kids from school; or heading to the airport. In a city as large and hectic as Sydney, it’s no small feat to get around at late notice – unless, of course, you’re willing to pay a small fortune for taxi services. Looking to find a reasonably-priced, professionally-trained automotive locksmith in Sydney who can be there just as fast? Look no further!

City Auto Locksmith has all your automotive needs keyed in and locked down: no matter the situation, we possess the necessary expertise to help you rectify it.

Broken Keys:

Sometimes a key may snap off and firmly lodge itself in a lock, rendering both lock and key unusable. We have precisely the finely-tuned instruments needed to a) extract the broken key from the depths of the lock, and b) use the aforementioned broken key to craft a brand new one. We can even craft a whole new set, so you’ll never get stuck in such a jam again!

Stolen Keys:

In the awful case of a stolen set of car keys, don’t despair: we remove all traces of the key’s unique prints from the motor vehicle database, rendering them useless to the thief who stole them.

What We Do:


Locked Doors

Open all locked car doors.



Lock overhaul and reprogramming.


Lost Keys

Replacement of lost car keys.


Key Cutting

Expert automotive key-cutting.



Extraction of broken vehicle keys and general lock and key repair.


Broken Ignition

Repairing damaged ignition locks.


Transponder Keys

Transponder key programming


Remote Repair

Repairing original remotes and reprogramming new remotes.


Chip Programming

Immobiliser chip programming.