City Auto Locksmiths Now Offer Car Key Services From Shop Front

City Auto Locksmiths are pleased to advise their clients, and those needing car and house keys can now call their new shop in Drummoyne and get this done immediately while they wait.

The address is Shop 110 Lyons Road Drummoyne 2047 and was opened in operation since September 2019.

City Auto Locksmiths has been Sydney’s premier emergency automotive locksmith for over a decade, servicing Sydney’s CBD, South Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Lower North Shore, Inner West, and Sydney’s greater metropolitan region.

We offer a complete range of professional automotive locksmith services, including working with the latest keyless entry systems, car remotes and transponder keys.

We are proud to have been awarded by Mercedes the right to supply replacement keys and related items for their full range of vehicles. This is an excellent endorsement of our integrity in the auto locksmith industry.:

The key for newer makes and models of cars often forms part of the vehicle’s security system. If you lose the key to some models, you may have to get the system re-coded.

Cars are sold with two master keys; the master key operates everything in your vehicle and is programmed for your car. If you lose your master key and don’t have a spare, come to our new shop and replace the body control module or at least have it reprogrammed.

If your keys are stolen, it is possible that the thief could come back and steal your vehicle. For peace of mind, it would be prudent to go and see us and reprogram or even replace your vehicle’s body control module to ensure the thief cannot use the key again.

The new shop front is complete with a fully equipped workshop to attend to the most complex new essential requirements, battery replacement, or advice on a car or house key enquiries.

The shop is open six days a week and closed on Sundays. There is always a highly qualified technician on hand, but on occasions, all get called out to assist motorists with emergency key replacement. On these occasions, a City Auto Locksmiths spokesman said they leave a note on the door for the best number to call for assistance.

Learn more about City Auto Locksmiths by viewing their website here: