Lost your car keys or had them stolen? Many think this will never happen to them. No matter what part of Sydney you are in, even if it’s a BMW key and you are in Rose Bay or surrounding suburb, we provide an emergency auto locksmith service 24 / 7 to all parts of Sydney.

Many loose keys when shopping, lock the keys in the car while in the car park at the shopping centre or a car parking building. One of the first things you need to do if the keys have been stolen, is to protect your security by calling the police. Then call us and tell us you need a BMW replacement key made for you right at the car in Rose Bay


Maybe a flat mate has taken off with your keys, or your better half has travelled overseas with them in their locked luggage. No problem, we can make a BMW replacement key in Rose Bay today.

A BMW replacement key in Rose Bay or close by does not need to cost you an arm or a leg. You can give us a call to get a quote and you will see that we offer competitive pricing on the BMW replacement key service in Rose Bay. Contact us on 0401786376 or via email at info@cityautolocksmiths.com.au


Here at City Auto Locksmiths we have an array of car locksmith services for when you have lost your car keys, broken them, or someone has made off with them.


Whatever the reason you need a BMW replacement key in Rose Bay, we are here to help.

Tip of the Day: Ask us about our key finder devices which may save you losing your keys on another occasion!