Importance of Hiring a Good Car Locksmith in the Eastern Suburbs

A lot of people have never paused to consider the lock on their cars except when they finally lock their keys inside the car or lost their car keys. Car locks have over the years being modified over and over again to ensure that they can provide adequate security for cars. Here is a brief history of car locks and why you would need City Auto Locksmiths when you are locked out of your car in Eastern Suburbs.

Premier Car Locks

Car locks were not normally used in vehicles until during the 1920s. Before this time, it was only the very wealthy people that owned cars. Car security was thus done by individuals who work for the wealthy owner of the car. These individuals always had to stand by the car and physically monitor the car to avoid theft. However, as more people were able to access cars and the price of cars dropped, a lot more people started to have cars.

Improvement of Car Locks and Our Expertise

Sidebar lock with 6 cuts was produced by General Motors in 1935. Chrysler further adopted the same car lock kind on their trunks in 1959. This was subsequently changed with pin tumbler locks in 1966. The pin tumbler locks were more durable and efficient with little issues with the lock’s internal mechanism compared to the previous locks.

During the period when the easy pin tumbler was being used, the need for auto locksmiths started to arise. This was due to the more secure nature of the pin tumbler car lock. Further improvements on the car locks led to more sophisticated car locks with well trained auto locksmith service like City Auto Locksmiths Eastern Suburbs having the ability to access your car.

Presently, the invention of bio-tech recognition systems, touch pad systems and keyless entry systems have made it even more difficult to access a car when the owners are locked out. These modern systems of car locks are now being used by a wide range of cars in the Eastern Suburbs and all over the world, and auto locksmiths also have to become more specialized.

A lot of locks today are thus very sophisticated and only a well trained auto locksmith like City Auto Locksmiths Eastern Suburbs can repair and open them. Previously, locksmiths just needed some master keys and few tools. In recent times, they require a lot of tutoring, and must learn how to specifically open the different types of car locks.

Why City Auto Locksmiths Eastern Suburbs Is The Best?

You would not want to carelessly pick a locksmith to help you work on your car. You must ensure that you pick a company who is qualified to fix your car lock without damaging your car. You must also ensure that they have the ability to repair modern cars. This is why you must choose City Auto Locksmiths to help you fix your car, if you have the need for a reliable auto locksmith in Eastern Suburbs.