The Risks of DIY Car Locksmithing: Why You Should Leave it to the Professionals

Risks of DIY Car Locksmithing

Picture this. 

After what has felt like an eternity, the clock finally ticks to 5 pm, marking the end of a long week at work. Your mind has cast aside all the stresses of the week, and you can’t wait to get home and unwind. You reach into your pocket to unlock your car and start your weekend, but your keys aren’t there. 

Did you leave them at your desk? Are they in your back pocket? 

Oh no. You’ve locked them in your car! 

Suddenly, the refreshing breeze has disappeared and the sun has risen into a sweltering heat. You don’t have time for this, so you decide it’s best to take matters into your hands to perform a DIY locksmith service.  

At City Auto Locksmith, we’ve heard this story many times before. It’s an unnecessary situation that we can resolve in minutes, and we’ve established a 24-hour emergency service to make sure you never need to face these issues alone. So let’s dive in and find out more about the benefits you’ll encounter when you work with a professional car locksmith. 

The Risks of DIY Car Key Replacement

When the worst does happen and you need to retrieve your keys from your car, it’s only natural to wonder whether you can resolve the situation alone. However, you’ll quickly realise that many things can go from bad to worse in an instant, seeing a locked door turn into a damaged locking system and a world of pain following an injury. Why not avoid these unfortunate incidents and call on a team of professionals to resolve your issues in a flash? 

The Potential For Damage

We’ve all seen films where charismatic characters break into locked cars with an unravelled wire coat hanger. Unfortunately, these days are gone, and car locks have become far more complex and secure. If you try to do this in a modern car, it’s likely that you’ll damage your locking systems, giving you even more issues to resolve. 

If you attempt to bypass your car door’s lock with generic tools, you might unintentionally use parts that aren’t compatible with your vehicle’s locking system. If you do this, you could cause damage to your door frame and surrounding fixtures, and still not gain entry to your vehicle! Instead, your attempts to carry out a DIY locksmith service might instead see you incur costly damages or unfortunate cosmetic damages in the form of scratches and paint chips. 

You’ll Need Expertise To Avoid Injury And Further Costs

It’s also important to remember that high-quality locksmithing services are always backed by extensive training and experience, as this is the only way to ensure quality workmanship. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the required skills and experience to deliver a quality service.

A hallmark of high-level workmanship is a steady hand and close attention to detail, but when you’ve been locked out of your car, it’s highly likely that your adrenaline will be running wild. Naturally, this is far from helpful when you need a steady hand, and as a result, it’s not uncommon for DIY locksmithing to lead to injury that adds an extra pain point to your growing list of issues. 

The potential for physical harm and further financial costs makes a DIY locksmith service an ill-informed decision, especially when professional car locksmiths are just one call away.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Car Locksmith

While DIY locksmithing exposes you to a range of risks that can result in damage to your car and inflict physical harm, you can avoid these risks by calling on a qualified and experienced car locksmith. You’ll not only steer clear of expensive and painful damages, but you’ll also encounter a wide range of benefits that you would not have otherwise experienced. 

Benefits of Car Locksmith

  • Guaranteed Results and Warranty On Workmanship

If you attempt to resolve your own car locksmithing issues, it’s inevitable that your level of workmanship will suffer from inexperience, and therefore, the likelihood of you resolving the issue is unfortunately quite minimal. However, a professional locksmith can offer you guaranteed results with a fast and efficient service. Remember, these experts are well-versed in a wide variety of locksmithing issues, and they have all the expertise to resolve your issues within moments. While it might be your first time attempting to troubleshoot locking issues, it’s their bread and butter. 

Better yet, you’ll also receive a warranty on their workmanship that covers you in the unlikely event of any faults or damages caused by their service. When you consider the potential damage that a DIY locksmith job can create, it truly does pay to enlist the help of professionals. 

  • Access To Specialised Tools and Equipment

Even if you’ve read some of our previous articles and become well acquainted with some of the processes in locksmithing, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be equipped with the right tools and equipment for the job. If you have read our articles in the past, then you’ll know that all car locksmith services require the use of highly specialised equipment, and a comprehensive training program is required to master the use of these tools. 

It’s quite unlikely that you’ll have these tools at your disposal, and even if you have the expertise to carry out these services yourself, it will take some time and cost to source the equipment yourself. Instead, why not call on an expert car locksmith to carry out the job in a fraction of the time? All reputable car locksmiths arrive with a state-of-the-art toolkit for all jobs, ready to help them resolve a huge variety of issues. 

  • 24/7 Emergency Services

Unfortunately, car lockouts work to nobody’s agenda, and they can impact you at any time, whether convenient or not. While you might not have the patience to address these issues in the middle of the night, quality car locksmiths tend to offer a 24-hour emergency service, ensuring you have access to the help that you need no matter what time of day it may be. 

Let’s face it. The last thing any of us want to do is try to carry out DIY locksmith services when we’d rather be in bed. Without proper concentration levels, specialised equipment and the necessary experience, you could be left out in the open for hours. When reputable locksmiths are only one call away at all times, you’ll never need to carry out DIY locksmith service, even as a last resort. Instead of trying to break into your own car, why not skip this inconvenience and instead work with professional service providers who are always ready to offer their expert services?

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